Code example for TypedArray

Methods: getDrawablerecycle

        mSlider.setOffsetBy(1.f / 3);
	private Drawable getThemeUpIndicator() {
        final TypedArray a = mContext.obtainStyledAttributes(THEME_ATTRS);
        final Drawable result = a.getDrawable(0);
        return result;
     * Synchronize the state of the drawer indicator/affordance with the linked DrawerLayout. 
     * <p>This should be called from your <code>Activity</code>'s 
     * {@link Activity#onPostCreate(android.os.Bundle) onPostCreate} method to synchronize after 
     * the DrawerLayout's instance state has been restored, and any other time when the state 
     * may have diverged in such a way that the ActionBarDrawerToggle was not notified. 
     * (For example, if you stop forwarding appropriate drawer events for a period of time.)</p> 
    public void syncState() { 
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