Code example for HttpPost

Methods: setHeaders

     * @param responseHandler the response handler instance that should handle 
     *        the response. 
    public void post(Context context, String url, Header[] headers, RequestParams params, String contentType,
            AsyncHttpResponseHandler responseHandler) {
        HttpEntityEnclosingRequestBase request = new HttpPost(url);
        if(params != null) request.setEntity(paramsToEntity(params));
        if(headers != null) request.setHeaders(headers);
        sendRequest(httpClient, httpContext, request, contentType,
                responseHandler, context);
     * Perform a HTTP POST request and track the Android Context which initiated 
     * the request. Set headers only for this request 
     * @param context the Android Context which initiated the request. 
     * @param url the URL to send the request to. 
     * @param headers set headers only for this request 
     * @param entity a raw {@link HttpEntity} to send with the request, for 
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