Code example for HttpContext

Methods: setAttribute

    private ThreadPoolExecutor threadpool = (ThreadPoolExecutor)Executors.newCachedThreadPool();
    // Initialize the class authorizing the developer with our server 
    public HolaIO(String key) {
    	// We set the cookiestore so that when authorized, a cookies is saved to do the get requests 
    	localContext.setAttribute(ClientContext.COOKIE_STORE, cookieStore);
    	singleton = HolaIOSingleton.getInstance();
    	apikey = key;
	/* @params 
	 * URL: The url without the scheme (http or https) 
	 * Content: A CSS3 selector of the content you want 
	 * responseHandler: Create a new AsyncResponseHandler and Override the methods onSucceed and onFinish 
	public void get(String URL, String Content, AsyncResponseHandler responseHandler) {
		get(URL, Content, true, false, responseHandler);
	/* @params