Code example for RSAPublicKey

Methods: getModulusgetPublicExponent

	public void testRecoverKeyPair_Rsa() throws Exception { 
		KeyPair kp = PubkeyUtils.recoverKeyPair(RSA_KEY_PKCS8);
		RSAPublicKey pubKey = (RSAPublicKey) kp.getPublic();
		assertEquals(RSA_KEY_N, pubKey.getModulus());
		assertEquals(RSA_KEY_E, pubKey.getPublicExponent());
	public void testRecoverKeyPair_Ec() throws Exception { 
		KeyPair kp = PubkeyUtils.recoverKeyPair(EC_KEY_PKCS8);
		ECPublicKey pubKey = (ECPublicKey) kp.getPublic();
		assertEquals(EC_KEY_pub_x, pubKey.getW().getAffineX());
		assertEquals(EC_KEY_pub_y, pubKey.getW().getAffineY());
	private static class MyPrivateKey implements PrivateKey {
		public String getAlgorithm() {
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