Code example for SAXParseException

Methods: getColumnNumbergetLineNumbergetPublicIdgetSystemId

   * @param spe SAXParseException exception. 
  public SAXSourceLocator(SAXParseException spe)
    this.setLineNumber( spe.getLineNumber() );
    this.setColumnNumber( spe.getColumnNumber() );
    this.setPublicId( spe.getPublicId() );
    this.setSystemId( spe.getSystemId() );
   * Return the public identifier for the current document event. 
   * <p>The return value is the public identifier of the document 
   * entity or of the external parsed entity in which the markup 
   * triggering the event appears.</p> 
   * @return A string containing the public identifier, or 
   *         null if none is available. 
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