Code example for SslErrorHandler

Methods: cancel

     *            response. 
     * @param error The SSL error object. 
    public void onReceivedSslError(WebView view, SslErrorHandler handler,
            SslError error) {
     * Notifies the host application that the WebView received an HTTP 
     * authentication request. The host application can use the supplied 
     * {@link HttpAuthHandler} to set the WebView's response to the request. 
     * The default behavior is to cancel the request. 
     * @param view the WebView that is initiating the callback 
     * @param handler the HttpAuthHandler used to set the WebView's response 
     * @param host the host requiring authentication 
     * @param realm the realm for which authentication is required 
     * @see Webview#getHttpAuthUsernamePassword