Code example for LayoutInflater

Methods: inflate

     * Create a new item view that can be re-bound to other item data later. 
     * @return The new item view 
    public MenuView.ItemView createItemView(ViewGroup parent) {
        return (MenuView.ItemView) mSystemInflater.inflate(mItemLayoutRes, parent, false);
     * Prepare an item view for use. See AdapterView for the basic idea at work here. 
     * This may require creating a new item view, but well-behaved implementations will 
     * re-use the view passed as convertView if present. The returned view will be populated 
     * with data from the item parameter. 
     * @param item Item to present 
     * @param convertView Existing view to reuse 
     * @param parent Intended parent view - use for inflation. 
     * @return View that presents the requested menu item 
    public View getItemView(MenuItemImpl item, View convertView, ViewGroup parent) {