Code example for DataInputStream

Methods: readUnsignedShort

     * @param constant_pool Array of constants 
     * @throws IOException 
    SourceFile(int name_index, int length, DataInputStream file, ConstantPool constant_pool)
            throws IOException { 
        this(name_index, length, file.readUnsignedShort(), constant_pool);
     * @param name_index Index in constant pool to CONSTANT_Utf8, which 
     * should represent the string "SourceFile". 
     * @param length Content length in bytes, the value should be 2. 
     * @param constant_pool The constant pool that this attribute is 
     * associated with. 
     * @param sourcefile_index Index in constant pool to CONSTANT_Utf8.  This 
     * string will be interpreted as the name of the file from which this 
     * class was compiled.  It will not be interpreted as indicating the name 
     * of the directory contqining the file or an absolute path; this 
     * information has to be supplied the consumer of this attribute - in