Code example for FileReader

Methods: read

        // Enumerate and verify 
        File temp = File.createTempFile("Standard1", ".txt");
        SSTableExport.enumeratekeys(writer.getFilename(), new PrintStream(temp.getPath()));
        FileReader file = new FileReader(temp);
        char[] buf = new char[(int) temp.length()];;
        String output = new String(buf);
        String sep = System.getProperty("line.separator");
        assert output.equals(asHex("rowA") + sep + asHex("rowB") + sep) : output;
    public void testExportSimpleCf() throws IOException 
        File tempSS = tempSSTableFile("Keyspace1", "Standard1");
        ColumnFamily cfamily = ColumnFamily.create("Keyspace1", "Standard1");
        SSTableWriter writer = new SSTableWriter(tempSS.getPath(), 2);
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