Code example for MediaPlayer

Methods: setOnCompletionListenersetOnErrorListenersetOnPreparedListenersetWakeMode

     * the media player if needed, or reset the existing media player if one 
     * already exists. 
    void createMediaPlayerIfNeeded() { 
        if (mPlayer == null) {
            mPlayer = new MediaPlayer();
            // Make sure the media player will acquire a wake-lock while 
            // playing. If we don't do 
            // that, the CPU might go to sleep while the song is playing, 
            // causing playback to stop. 
            // Remember that to use this, we have to declare the 
            // android.permission.WAKE_LOCK 
            // permission in AndroidManifest.xml. 
            mPlayer.setWakeMode(getApplicationContext(), PowerManager.PARTIAL_WAKE_LOCK);
            // we want the media player to notify us when it's ready preparing, 
            // and when it's done 
            // playing: 
        } else 
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