Code example for BigInteger

Methods: shiftLeft

     * created.  
     * @return The such created <code>SimpleBigDecimal</code>. 
    public static SimpleBigDecimal getInstance(BigInteger value, int scale)
        return new SimpleBigDecimal(value.shiftLeft(scale), scale);
     * Constructor for <code>SimpleBigDecimal</code>. The value of the 
     * constructed <code>SimpleBigDecimal</code> equals <code>bigInt /  
     * 2<sup>scale</sup></code>. 
     * @param bigInt The <code>bigInt</code> value parameter. 
     * @param scale The scale of the constructed <code>SimpleBigDecimal</code>. 
    public SimpleBigDecimal(BigInteger bigInt, int scale)
        if (scale < 0)
            throw new IllegalArgumentException("scale may not be negative");
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