Code example for Signature

Methods: toByteArray

    private ContentValues createConsumer(String packageName, long regId, Signature sig,
            boolean isPublic) {
        ContentValues value = new ContentValues();
        value.put(Consumers.PACKAGE_NAME, packageName);
        value.put(Consumers.SIGNATURE, sig.toByteArray());
        value.put(Consumers.IS_SERVICE_PUBLIC, isPublic);
        value.put(Consumers.IS_BANNED, false);
        value.put(Consumers.OWNS_CONSUMER_KEY, true);
        value.put(Consumers.REGISTRY_ID, regId);
        return value;
    private void standardInsert() { 
        long[] ids = new long[6];
        ids[0] = mDB.insert("registry", "", createReg("test1"));
        ids[1] = mDB.insert("registry", "", createReg("test2"));
        ids[2] = mDB.insert("registry", "", createRegAuth("test3"));
        ids[3] = mDB.insert("registry", "", createRegAuth("test4"));
        ids[4] = mDB.insert("registry", "", createRegAuth("test5"));
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