Code example for Document

Methods: getElementsByTagName

        SLDClassifier classifier = new SLDClassifier(EMPTY_MAP, command);
        Document doc = createDomDocument(classifier.getSLD());
        // need as many rules, filters and symbolizers as classes 
        assertEquals(classCount, doc.getElementsByTagName("sld:Rule").getLength());
        assertEquals(classCount, doc.getElementsByTagName("ogc:Filter").getLength());
        assertEquals(classCount, doc.getElementsByTagName("sld:PolygonSymbolizer").getLength());
    public void testSymbols() throws Exception { 
        // build JSON request 
        String wfsUrl = "";
        String featureTypeName = "topp:states";
        String propertyName = "PERSONS";
        int minSize = 4;
        int lastSize = 24;
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