Code example for Matrix4f

    private long HOLDOFF_DELAY = 100;
    private Handler mAsyncHandler; // Background thread handler for reading textures, geometry, etc.
    private Handler mSyncHandler; // Synchronous handler for interacting with UI elements.
    public static class TextureParameters { 
        public TextureParameters() { matrix = new Matrix4f(); }
        public TextureParameters(Matrix4f _matrix) { matrix = _matrix; }
        public Matrix4f matrix;
    public static class DetailTextureParameters { 
        public DetailTextureParameters(float textureOffsetX, float textureOffsetY) {
            this.textureOffsetX = textureOffsetX;
            this.textureOffsetY = textureOffsetY;
            this.lineOffsetX = 0.0f;
            this.lineOffsetY = 0.0f;
        public DetailTextureParameters( 
                float textureOffsetX, float textureOffsetY,
                float lineOffsetX, float lineOffsetY) {
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