Code example for EllipticCurve

Methods: getAgetBgetField

     * @tests java/security/spec/EllipticCurve#EllipticCurve(EcField,BigInteger,BigInteger) 
    public final void testEllipticCurveECFieldBigIntegerBigInteger05() { 
        // Regression for Harmony-731 
        EllipticCurve ec = new EllipticCurve(new testECField(), BigInteger
                .valueOf(4L), BigInteger.ONE);
        assertEquals("incorrect a", ec.getA(), BigInteger.valueOf(4L));
        assertEquals("incorrect b", ec.getB(), BigInteger.ONE);
        assertEquals("incorrect size", ec.getField().getFieldSize(), 2);
     * Test for <code>getB()</code> method<br> 
     * Assertion: returns coefficient <code>b</code><br> 
     * Test preconditions: <code>ECFieldF2m</code> instance 
     * created using valid parameters<br> 
     * Expected: must return coefficient <code>b</code> which is equal 
     * to the one passed to the constructor; (both must refer 
     * the same object) 
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