Code example for Projection

Methods: fromScreenLocation

			Log.e("","projection was null...");
			return false; 
		LatLngBounds bounds = projection.getVisibleRegion().latLngBounds;
		LatLng l = projection.fromScreenLocation( p );
		return bounds.contains( l );
	public static NClusterContainerV2 recalculatePOI(int mergeGridDensity,int mergeDistance, Projection projection,NMarkerList mapOverlay, int viewHeight, int viewWidth) throws Exception{
		int densityX = mergeGridDensity;
		int densityY = mergeGridDensity;
			throw new NullPointerException("Density = 0, might be cause of NScreenParameters is not initialized");
		NClusterContainerV2 tempClusterContainer = new NClusterContainerV2();
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