Code example for PKIXBuilderParameters

Methods: setRevocationEnabled

    public static void createParams() throws Exception { 
        TrustAnchor anchor = new TrustAnchor(getCertFromFile("sun.cer"), null);
        Set anchors = Collections.singleton(anchor);
        // Create odd CertSelector 
        sel = new OddSel();
        params = new PKIXBuilderParameters(anchors, sel);
     * Get a DER-encoded X.509 certificate from a file. 
     * @param certFilePath path to file containing DER-encoded certificate 
     * @return X509Certificate 
     * @throws IOException on error 
    public static X509Certificate getCertFromFile(String certFilePath)
        throws IOException { 
            X509Certificate cert = null;
            try { 
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