Code example for Binder

    public static final String EXTRA_MIFARE_BLOCK =
    NfcExecutionEnvironment(NfcAdapterExtras extras) {
        mExtras = extras;
        mToken = new Binder();
     * Open the NFC Execution Environment on its contact interface. 
     * <p>Opening a channel to the the secure element may fail 
     * for a number of reasons: 
     * <ul> 
     * <li>NFC must be enabled for the connection to the SE to be opened. 
     * If it is disabled at the time of this call, an {@link EeNfcDisabledException} 
     * is thrown. 
     * <li>Only one process may open the secure element at a time. Additionally, 
     * this method is not reentrant. If the secure element is already opened,