Code example for String

Methods: equalstrim

     * validate Keyspace Name 
     * @param keyspaceName 
     * @throws CassandraAdminClientException 
    private void validateKeyspace(String keyspaceName) throws CassandraAdminClientException {
        if (keyspaceName == null || "".equals(keyspaceName.trim())) {
            throw new CassandraAdminClientException("The keyspace name is empty or null", log);
    private void validateKeyspaceInformation(KeyspaceInformation keyspaceInformation)
            throws CassandraAdminClientException { 
        if (keyspaceInformation == null) {
            throw new CassandraAdminClientException("The keyspace information is empty or null", log);
    private void validateColumnFamilyInformation(ColumnFamilyInformation columnFamilyInformation)
            throws CassandraAdminClientException { 
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