Code example for GL10

Methods: glMultiTexCoord4x

            float s, float t, float r, float q) {
        mgl.glMultiTexCoord4f(target, s, t, r, q);
    public void glMultiTexCoord4x(int target, int s, int t, int r, int q) {
        mgl.glMultiTexCoord4x(target, s, t, r, q);
    public void glNormal3f(float nx, float ny, float nz) {
        mgl.glNormal3f(nx, ny, nz);
    public void glNormal3x(int nx, int ny, int nz) {
        mgl.glNormal3x(nx, ny, nz);
    public void glNormalPointer(int type, int stride, Buffer pointer) {
        mgl.glNormalPointer(type, stride, pointer);
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