Code example for Scheme

     * Sets the SSLSocketFactory to user when making requests. By default, 
     * a new, default SSLSocketFactory is used. 
     * @param sslSocketFactory the socket factory to use for https requests. 
    public void setSSLSocketFactory(SSLSocketFactory sslSocketFactory) {
        this.httpClient.getConnectionManager().getSchemeRegistry().register(new Scheme("https", sslSocketFactory, 443));
     * Sets headers that will be added to all requests this client makes (before sending). 
     * @param header the name of the header 
     * @param value the contents of the header 
    public void addHeader(String header, String value) {
        clientHeaderMap.put(header, value);
     * Sets basic authentication for the request. Uses AuthScope.ANY. This is the same as 
     * setBasicAuth('username','password',AuthScope.ANY)