Code example for Attributes

Methods: getValue

     * @param attrs the attributes from which version properties will be drawn 
    VeecheckVersion(Attributes attrs) {
        packageName = emptyToNull(attrs.getValue("packageName"));
        versionCode = emptyToNull(attrs.getValue("versionCode"));
        versionName = emptyToNull(attrs.getValue("versionName"));
        buildBrand = emptyToNull(attrs.getValue("buildBrand"));
        buildId = emptyToNull(attrs.getValue("buildId"));
        buildModel = emptyToNull(attrs.getValue("buildModel"));
     * Replaces tokens of the form <tt>${name}</tt> with version properties in a supplied URL. 
     * @param url the URL into which properties should be substituted 
     * @return the resulting URL, unchanged if no tokens were present 
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