* patternSeparator = [;][U+003b] 
         * perMill = [U+2030] // PER MILLE 
         * percent = [%][U+0025] 
         * zeroDigit = [0][U+0030] 
        assertEquals("EUR", dfs.getCurrency().getCurrencyCode());
        assertEquals("\u20AC", dfs.getCurrencySymbol());
        assertEquals(',', dfs.getDecimalSeparator());
        assertEquals('#', dfs.getDigit());
        assertEquals('\u00a0', dfs.getGroupingSeparator());
        assertEquals("\u221e", dfs.getInfinity());
        assertEquals("EUR", dfs.getInternationalCurrencySymbol());
        assertEquals('-', dfs.getMinusSign());
        assertEquals(',', dfs.getMonetaryDecimalSeparator());
        // RI's default NaN is U+FFFD, Harmony's is based on ICU 
        // This suggests an RI bug, assuming that non-UTF8 bytes are UTF8 and 
        // getting a conversion failure. 
        assertEquals("\uFFFD", dfs.getNaN());
        assertEquals('\u003b', dfs.getPatternSeparator());
        assertEquals('\u2030', dfs.getPerMill());
        assertEquals('%', dfs.getPercent());
        assertEquals('0', dfs.getZeroDigit());
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