Code example for Typeface

Methods: create

  public static final int BACKGROUND_COLOR = Color.BLACK;
  /** The default color for text. */ 
  public static final int TEXT_COLOR = Color.LTGRAY;
  /** A text font for regular text, like the chart labels. */ 
  private static final Typeface REGULAR_TEXT_FONT = Typeface
      .create(Typeface.SERIF, Typeface.NORMAL);
  /** The typeface name for the texts. */ 
  private String mTextTypefaceName = REGULAR_TEXT_FONT.toString();
  /** The typeface style for the texts. */ 
  private int mTextTypefaceStyle = Typeface.NORMAL;
  /** The typeface for the texts */ 
  private Typeface mTextTypeface;
  /** The chart background color. */ 
  private int mBackgroundColor;
  /** If the background color is applied. */ 
  private boolean mApplyBackgroundColor;
  /** If the axes are visible. */ 
  private boolean mShowAxes = true;
  /** The axes color. */ 
  private int mAxesColor = TEXT_COLOR;
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