Code example for ConsoleMessage

Methods: lineNumbermessagesourceId

   * @param consoleMessage Object containing details of the console message. 
   * @return true if the message is handled by the client. 
  public boolean onConsoleMessage(ConsoleMessage consoleMessage) {
      // Call the old version of this function for backwards compatability. 
      onConsoleMessage(consoleMessage.message(), consoleMessage.lineNumber(),
      return false; 
   * When not playing, video elements are represented by a 'poster' image. The 
   * image to use can be specified by the poster attribute of the video tag in 
   * HTML. If the attribute is absent, then a default poster will be used. This 
   * method allows the ChromeClient to provide that default image. 
   * @return Bitmap The image to use as a default poster, or null if no such image is 
   * available. 
  public Bitmap getDefaultVideoPoster() {