Code example for AtomicReference

Methods: getAndSet

     *        the desired locale to use for the logs, or null if the system locale should be used 
     * @return the previous locale 
     * @see #getLoggingLocale() 
    public static Locale setLoggingLocale( final Locale locale ) {
        return LOGGING_LOCALE.getAndSet( locale != null ? locale : Locale.getDefault() );
     * Log a message at the DEBUG level according to the specified format and (optional) parameters. The message should contain a 
     * pair of empty curly braces for each of the parameter, which should be passed in the correct order. This method is efficient 
     * and avoids superfluous object creation when the logger is disabled for the DEBUG level. 
     * @param message 
     *        the message string 
     * @param params 
     *        the parameter values that are to replace the variables in the format string 
    public abstract void debug( String message,
                                Object... params );