Code example for Random

Methods: nextBoolean

0"All new faces", ConvertTools.createGMLDebugShapes(newFaces)); 
    private RowFiller createRandomFiller() { 
        if (random.nextBoolean()) {
            return RectangularDuplexRowFiller.makeWideFiller(sizeOf1m, random);
        else { 
            return RectangularDuplexRowFiller.makeLongFiller(sizeOf1m, random);
    private static final class EdgeLengthComparator implements Comparator<GMLDirectedEdge>, {
        public int compare(GMLDirectedEdge e1, GMLDirectedEdge e2) {
            GMLNode start1 = e1.getStartNode();
            GMLNode end1 = e1.getEndNode();
            GMLNode start2 = e2.getStartNode();
            GMLNode end2 = e2.getEndNode();
            double dx1 = end1.getX() - start1.getX();
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