Code example for SparseArray

Methods: remove

		this.mIDMapping.put(pTexturePackTextureRegion.getID(), pTexturePackTextureRegion);
		this.mSourceMapping.put(pTexturePackTextureRegion.getSource(), pTexturePackTextureRegion);
	public void remove(final int pID) {
	public TexturePackTextureRegion get(final int pID) {
		return this.mIDMapping.get(pID);
	public TexturePackTextureRegion get(final String pSource) {
		return this.mSourceMapping.get(pSource);
	public TexturePackTextureRegion get(final String pSource, final boolean pStripExtension) {
		if(pStripExtension) {
			final int indexOfExtension = pSource.lastIndexOf('.');
			if(indexOfExtension == -1) {
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