Code example for View

Methods: findViewByIdgetVisibility

        assertEquals(Html.toHtml(expected), Html.toHtml(actual));
    /** Checks that the given id corresponds to a gone view. */ 
    private void assertGone(View parent, int textId) {
        View view = parent.findViewById(textId);
        assertEquals(View.GONE, view.getVisibility());
     * Calls {@link ContactDetailDisplayUtils#addStreamItemText(LayoutInflater, Context, 
     * StreamItemEntry, View)} with the default parameters and the given stream item. 
    private View addStreamItemText(StreamItemEntry streamItem) {
        return ContactDetailDisplayUtils.addStreamItemText(getContext(), streamItem,
                mLayoutInflater.inflate(R.layout.stream_item_row_text, null));
    private StreamItemEntryBuilder getTestBuilder() {