Code example for Node

Methods: getAttributesgetFirstChild

     * @throws ParsingException if the CombinerParameterType is invalid 
     * @return an instance of <code>CombinerParameter</code> 
    public static CombinerParameter getInstance(Node root) throws ParsingException {
        // get the name, which is a required attribute 
        String name = root.getAttributes().getNamedItem("ParameterName").getNodeValue();
        // get the attribute value, the only child of this element 
        AttributeFactory attrFactory = Balana.getInstance().getAttributeFactory();
        AttributeValue value = null;
        try { 
            value = attrFactory.createValue(root.getFirstChild());
        } catch (UnknownIdentifierException uie) {
            throw new ParsingException(uie.getMessage(), uie);
        return new CombinerParameter(name, value);