Code example for Node

Methods: getFirstChild

	 * @param root the <code>Node</code> that contains the desired value 
	 * @return a new <code>YearMonthDurationAttribute</code> representing the appropriate value 
	 * @throws ParsingException if any problems occurred while parsing 
	public static YearMonthDurationAttribute getInstance(Node root) throws ParsingException {
		return getInstance(root.getFirstChild().getNodeValue());
	 * Returns the long value for the capturing group groupNumber. This method takes a Matcher that 
	 * has been used to match a Pattern against a String, fetches the value for the specified 
	 * capturing group, converts that value to an long, and returns the value. If that group did not 
	 * match, 0 is returned. If the matched value is not a valid long, NumberFormatException is 
	 * thrown. 
	 * @param matcher the Matcher from which to fetch the group 
	 * @param groupNumber the group number to fetch 
	 * @return the long value for that groupNumber 
	 * @throws NumberFormatException if the string value for that groupNumber is not a valid long