Code example for Node

Methods: getNodeName

   * @return String containing the Local Name 
  private String getLocalNameOfNodeFallback(Node n)
    String qname = n.getNodeName();
    int index = qname.indexOf(':');
    return (index < 0) ? qname : qname.substring(index + 1);
   * Returns the Namespace Name (Namespace URI) for the given node. 
   * In a Level 2 DOM, you can ask the node itself. Note, however, that 
   * doing so conflicts with our decision in getLocalNameOfNode not 
   * to trust the that the DOM was indeed created using the Level 2 
   * methods. If Level 1 methods were used, these two functions will 
   * disagree with each other. 
   * <p> 
   * TODO: Reconcile with getLocalNameOfNode. 
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