Code example for Node

Methods: getFirstChildhasChildNodes

	protected FlowRelationship createFlowRelationship(PetriNet net, Node anode) { 
		return PetriNetFactory.eINSTANCE.createFlowRelationship(); 
	protected String getContent(Node node) { 
		if (node != null && node.hasChildNodes()) 
			return node.getFirstChild().getNodeValue(); 
		return null; 
	protected Node getChild(Node n, String name) { 
		if (n == null) 
			return null; 
		for (Node node=n.getFirstChild(); node != null; node=node.getNextSibling()) 
			if (node.getNodeName().equals(name))  
				return node; 
		return null; 
	private Node getNetNode(Document doc) { 
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