Code example for SQLException

Methods: toString

		try { 
			checkForExistingReview = vufindConn.prepareStatement("SELECT editorialReviewId, review, pubDate FROM editorial_reviews WHERE recordId = ? AND source = 'BlueInk Reviews'");
			insertNewReview = vufindConn.prepareStatement("INSERT INTO editorial_reviews (recordId, title, pubDate, review, source) VALUES (?, ?, ?, ?, ?)");
			updateExistingReview = vufindConn.prepareStatement("UPDATE editorial_reviews SET title = ?, pubDate = ?, review = ? WHERE editorialReviewId = ?");
		} catch (SQLException e) {
			logger.error("Error creating prepared statements to update blueink reviews", e);
			processLog.addNote("Error creating prepared statements to update blueink reviews " + e.toString());
		//Load information from the reviews feed 
		//TODO: Load information from the archive feed? 
		//Right now the reviews provided in each feed are identical so there is no need to import both.  
		processLog.saveToDatabase(vufindConn, logger);
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