Code example for Location

Methods: getAccuracygetProvidergetTime

			// A new location is always better than no location 
			return true; 
		// Check whether the new location fix is newer or older 
		long timeDelta = location.getTime() - currentBestLocation.getTime();
		boolean isSignificantlyNewer = timeDelta > TWO_MINUTES;
		boolean isSignificantlyOlder = timeDelta < -TWO_MINUTES;
		boolean isNewer = timeDelta > 0;
		// If it's been more than two minutes since the current location, use the new location 
		// because the user has likely moved 
		if (isSignificantlyNewer) {
			return true; 
			// If the new location is more than two minutes older, it must be worse 
		} else if (isSignificantlyOlder) {
			return false; 
		// Check whether the new location fix is more or less accurate 
		int accuracyDelta = (int) (location.getAccuracy() - currentBestLocation.getAccuracy());
		boolean isLessAccurate = accuracyDelta > 0;
		boolean isMoreAccurate = accuracyDelta < 0;
		boolean isSignificantlyLessAccurate = accuracyDelta > 200;
		// Check if the old and new location are from the same provider 
		boolean isFromSameProvider = isSameProvider(location.getProvider(),
		// Determine location quality using a combination of timeliness and accuracy 
		if (isMoreAccurate) {
			return true; 
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