Code example for SparseIntArray

Methods: append

    protected void onPrepareAttributes(SparseIntArray attributes) {
        // Add all attributes which should be parsed for list view widget. 
        attributes.append(android.R.attr.dividerHeight, android.R.attr.dividerHeight);
        attributes.append(android.R.attr.divider, android.R.attr.divider);
        attributes.append(android.R.attr.cacheColorHint, android.R.attr.cacheColorHint);
    protected void onParseStyleElement(int attr, int index, TypedArray typedArray) {
        switch (attr) {
            case android.R.attr.dividerHeight:
                this.mDividerHeight = typedArray.getDimensionPixelSize(index, mDividerHeight);
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