Code example for Bundle

Methods: getByteArraygetIntgetString

        } catch (RemoteException e) {
            throw new IOException("NFC Service was dead, need to re-open");
        return b.getByteArray("out");
    private static void throwBundle(Bundle b) throws EeIOException {
        switch (b.getInt("e")) {
            case EE_ERROR_NFC_DISABLED:
                throw new EeNfcDisabledException(b.getString("m"));
            case EE_ERROR_IO:
                throw new EeIOException(b.getString("m"));
            case EE_ERROR_INIT:
                throw new EeInitializationException(b.getString("m"));
            case EE_ERROR_EXT_FIELD:
                throw new EeExternalFieldException(b.getString("m"));
            case EE_ERROR_LISTEN_MODE:
                throw new EeListenModeException(b.getString("m"));
            case EE_ERROR_ALREADY_OPEN:
                throw new EeAlreadyOpenException(b.getString("m"));
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