Code example for Bundle

Methods: putBooleanputDoubleputFloatputIntputLongputParcelableputString

        final Account account2 = new Account("", "example.type.2");
        final String authority1 = "testprovider1";
        final String authority2 = "testprovider2";
        final Bundle extras1 = new Bundle();
        extras1.putString("a", "1");
        final Bundle extras2 = new Bundle();
        extras2.putString("a", "2");
        extras2.putLong("b", 2);
        extras2.putInt("c", 1);
        extras2.putBoolean("d", true);
        extras2.putDouble("e", 1.2);
        extras2.putFloat("f", 4.5f);
        extras2.putParcelable("g", account1);
        final int period1 = 200;
        final int period2 = 1000;
        PeriodicSync sync1 = new PeriodicSync(account1, authority1, extras1, period1);
        PeriodicSync sync2 = new PeriodicSync(account1, authority1, extras2, period1);
        PeriodicSync sync3 = new PeriodicSync(account1, authority2, extras1, period1);
        PeriodicSync sync4 = new PeriodicSync(account1, authority2, extras2, period2);
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