Code example for Bundle

Methods: putBooleanArrayputSerializable

    public static void show(final DialogFragmentActivity activity,
            final int requestCode, final String title, final String message,
            final ArrayList<Label> choices, final boolean[] selectedChoices) {
        Bundle arguments = createArguments(title, message, requestCode);
        arguments.putSerializable(ARG_CHOICES, choices);
        arguments.putBooleanArray(ARG_SELECTED_CHOICES, selectedChoices);
        show(activity, new LabelsDialogFragment(), arguments, TAG);
    public Dialog onCreateDialog(final Bundle savedInstanceState) {
        Bundle arguments = getArguments();
        Activity activity = getActivity();
        ArrayList<Label> choices = getChoices();
        boolean[] selectedChoices = arguments
        HashSet<String> selected = new HashSet<String>();
        if (selectedChoices != null)
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