Code example for EGL10

Methods: eglGetCurrentDisplayeglGetCurrentSurfaceeglSwapBuffers

		// calls the OpenGL rendering to display the RT image on a simple rectangle 
        boolean stopSignal = GLES2Lib.onPaint();
		// Do the OpenGL back to front buffer swap 
		EGL10 mEgl = (EGL10) EGLContext.getEGL();
		mEgl.eglSwapBuffers(mEgl.eglGetCurrentDisplay(), mEgl.eglGetCurrentSurface(EGL10.EGL_READ));
		return RTIsRunning;
	* Extracts the relevant folders from the assets in our private storage on the device  
	* internal storage. We extract all files from the folders texutures, models & shaders 
	* into the corresponding folders. This has to be done because most files in the apk/assets 
	* folder are compressed and can not be read with standard C-file IO. 
	public static void extractAPK() throws IOException { 
		FilesPath = App.getApplicationContext().getFilesDir().getAbsolutePath();
		Log.i("SLProject", "Destination: " + FilesPath);
		extractAPKFolder(FilesPath, "textures");
		extractAPKFolder(FilesPath, "models");