Code example for HttpException

				+ responseStatus.toString() + ", "
				+ " URL: " + serverURI);
		// evaluate the HTTP response status code 
		if (responseStatus.getStatusCode() >= 400)
			throw new HttpException(responseStatus.toString());
	public void putBinFile(String fileFolderName, String serverPath, String localFilePath, String type) 
			throws IllegalArgumentException, ClientProtocolException, IOException, HttpException { 
		putBinFile(fileFolderName, serverPath, localFilePath, type, false);
	 * Connects to the previously saved server address and puts a binary file with the given name and content there. 
	 * @param fileFolderName String with filename to be created on the server 
	 * @param serverPath String with the server side path to put the file 
	 * @param localFilePath String with the client side (Android) path to the source file 
	 * @param type : String with MIME type of the data