Code example for JsonTreeWriter

Methods: get

   * </pre> 
   * @return Json representation of {@code src} 
   * @since 1.4 
  public JsonElement toJsonTree(Object src, Type typeOfSrc) {
    JsonTreeWriter writer = new JsonTreeWriter();
    toJson(src, typeOfSrc, writer);
    return writer.get();
   * This method serializes the specified object into its equivalent Json representation. 
   * This method should be used when the specified object is not a generic type. This method uses 
   * {@link Class#getClass()} to get the type for the specified object, but the 
   * {@code getClass()} loses the generic type information because of the Type Erasure feature 
   * of Java. Note that this method works fine if the any of the object fields are of generic type, 
   * just the object itself should not be of a generic type. If the object is of generic type, use 
   * {@link #toJson(Object, Type)} instead. If you want to write out the object to a 
   * {@link Writer}, use {@link #toJson(Object, Appendable)} instead.