Code example for ListFragment

Methods: onCreate, setRetainInstance

	 * then resumed. 
	public void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {
		Log.d(LOG_TAG, "onCreate");
	 * The system calls this when it's time for the fragment to draw its user 
	 * interface for the first time. To draw a UI for your fragment, you must 
	 * return a View from this method that is the root of your fragment's 
	 * layout. You can return null if the fragment does not provide a UI. 
	 * Provide default implementation to return a simple list view. Subclasses 
	 * can override to replace with their own layout. If doing so, the returned 
	 * view hierarchy must have a ListView whose id is and can 
	 * optionally have a sibling view id that is to be shown