Code example for Adapter

Methods: isEmpty

		// for the client, see View.setFocusableInTouchMode() comments for more 
		// details 
		super.setFocusableInTouchMode(focusable && mDesiredFocusableInTouchModeState);
		super.setFocusable(focusable && mDesiredFocusableState);
		if (mEmptyView != null) {
			updateEmptyStatus((adapter == null) || adapter.isEmpty());
	 * Update the status of the list based on the empty parameter.  If empty is true and 
	 * we have an empty view, display it.  In all the other cases, make sure that the listview 
	 * is VISIBLE and that the empty view is GONE (if it's not null). 
	private void updateEmptyStatus(boolean empty) {
		if (isInFilterMode()) { 
			empty = false;
		if (empty) {
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