Code example for DecimalFormat

import android.util.Log; 
public class FpsMeter { 
    private static final String TAG               = "FpsMeter";
    private static final int    STEP              = 20;
    private static final DecimalFormat FPS_FORMAT = new DecimalFormat("0.00");
    private int                 mFramesCouner;
    private double              mFrequency;
    private long                mprevFrameTime;
    private String              mStrfps;
    Paint                       mPaint;
    boolean                     mIsInitialized = false;
    int                         mWidth = 0;
    int                         mHeight = 0;
    public void init() { 
        mFramesCouner = 0;
        mFrequency = Core.getTickFrequency();
        mprevFrameTime = Core.getTickCount();
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