Code example for Animator

Methods: cancel

		 ******************* DO NOT TOUCH BEYOND THIS POINT ********************* 
	public static void zoomImageFromThumb(final View thumbView, int imageResId, View container) {
        // If there's an animation in progress, cancel it immediately and proceed with this one. 
        if (mCurrentAnimator != null) {
        // Load the high-resolution "zoomed-in" image. 
        // Calculate the starting and ending bounds for the zoomed-in image. This step 
        // involves lots of math. Yay, math. 
        final Rect startBounds = new Rect();
        final Rect finalBounds = new Rect();
        final Point globalOffset = new Point();
        // The start bounds are the global visible rectangle of the thumbnail, and the 
        // final bounds are the global visible rectangle of the container view. Also 
        // set the container view's offset as the origin for the bounds, since that's