Code example for ExecutorService

Methods: submit

    private static String formatTime(long ns) {
        return (ns / 1000000.0d) + " ms";
    public void checkLiveSource(String src, ComponentName componentName, String query) {
        mExecutorService.submit(new LiveSourceCheck(src, componentName, query));
    private class LiveSourceCheck implements Runnable {
        private String mSrc;
        private SearchableInfo mSearchable;
        private String mQuery;
        private Handler mHandler = new Handler(Looper.getMainLooper());
        public LiveSourceCheck(String src, ComponentName componentName, String query) {
            mSrc = src;
            mSearchable = mSearchManager.getSearchableInfo(componentName);
            assert(mSearchable != null);
            assert(mSearchable.getSuggestAuthority() != null);
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