Code example for Logger

Methods: infolog

    public void install(@Observes AndroidDeviceReady event) throws AndroidExecutionException, IOException {
        AndroidDevice device = event.getDevice();
        installServerAPK(device, droneConfiguration.get().getServerApk());"Installation of Android Server APK for Arquillan Droidium web support was performed.");
"Starting Android Server for Arquillian Droidium web testing.");
        WebDriverMonkey monkey = new WebDriverMonkey(droneConfiguration.get().getLogFile());
        device.executeShellCommand(START_WEBDRIVER_HUB_CMD, monkey);
"Waiting until Android server for Arquillian Droidium web support is started.");
        waitUntilStarted(device, monkey);
        log.log(Level.INFO, "Creating port forwaring from {0} to {1} for Android server of Arquillian Droidium web support.",
            new Object[] { device.getDroneHostPort(), device.getDroneGuestPort() });
        device.createPortForwarding(device.getDroneHostPort(), device.getDroneGuestPort());
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