Code example for Gallery

Methods: setVisibility

    public void clickOnHide(View view) {
    	// Enable Layout 2 and Disable Layout 1 
    	//Layout1 .setVisibility(View.GONE); 
		//myGallery = (Gallery) findViewById(; 
    public void clickOnPuzzle(View view) {
    	Intent intent = new Intent(this, UseSqlite4list.class);
    	//Cursor cursor = (Cursor) adapter.getItem(position); 
    	TextView searchText = (TextView) findViewById(;	
		String searchtext = searchText.getText().toString();
    	intent.putExtra("searchText", searchtext);
    public void clickOn8(View view) {
    	Intent intent = new Intent(this, DownLoadFileActivity.class);
    	//Cursor cursor = (Cursor) adapter.getItem(position); 
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